Shaman is becoming a plushy?

YES! A plushy will provide

  • ENGAGED LEARNING by adding a tactile element
  • TANGIBLE CONNECTION to the educational content
  • COMFORTING COMPANION to help ease any apprehensions on the bus
  • REINFORCEMENT of CONCEPTS promoting a deeper understanding of school bus safety

What's He like?

Imagine having your very own Shaman to reinforce the safety lessons from the book through imaginative play. Standing 15"tall, he's perfectly huggable and yet small enough to ride along with friends. He is soft, cuddly and dressed for school. He even has his own backpack!

Who's It For?

Written by a veteran bus driver, “Shaman Rides the School Bus" is a delightful story of best safety practices inside as well as outside the school bus. Follow Shaman's antics and misadventures as he navigates the world of school buses with the help of his friends and kind-hearted bus driver, Miss Lucy.

This enchanting tale is ideal for children in kindergarten through third grade, but even preschoolers and up to fourth graders find joy in Shaman's adventures. The story not only captivates young readers but also reinforces essential safety concepts that parents and educators will appreciate!

How Can You Get Your Plushy?

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